A rebel and a provacateur. One of the most provocative live performers, actually.

Widely known as the member of Hype Williams, he explores post-colonialism, blackness, white culture, identity and topics of love, tropes and archetypes.

Hazy sonics and darkened tones furnish the picture of Blunt as someone adrift, rootless, stranded blindly in a world.

What if he’s not some jealously private individual who doesn’t want to reveal his face, but he only hides his face because he himself doesn’t know who he really is? What if he’s been wearing masks all this time because masks are the only thing available to him?

From narcotized r&b aprropriation to soul music – it is always hard to put a finger on where he is at the moment.

Dean BLUNT press text:

“What’s wrong”

“I got issues”

“We all got issues”

“…yeah, but mine are so fucking cliche”